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How to Retire like Royalty in Costa Rica


Make Your Retirement Money Go Further 

Join the Growing Community of Expats That Live in Costa Rica

From the beaches of the Pacific, to the lush Central Valley, and the yet undeveloped Atlantic Coast with its Caribbean feeling, living in Costa Rica is, as Tico’s say, “Pura Vida” – the Good Life! Our FREE Guide to Living & Retiring in Costa Rica will provide you with all the information you need to know to make your move.

It Includes:

  • A brief history of Costa Rica
  • Tips on how to decide where you want to live in Costa Rica
  • What’s different about the real estate business in Costa Rica;  and how you can safely navigate it
  • What real estate options you have in Costa Rica;  and how to find the help you need
  • The ins and outs of the moving process

And, much more.

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Costa Rica Ranks #1 as “The Happiest Place on Earth”  

– Happy Planet Index

  • What makes Costa Rica such a good choice for American or Canadian expats?

Our FREE Ebook reveals the secrets to living a happier and longer life in one of the safest countries in Latin America.  With a year round temperature ranging from 70-80 °F and an abundance of outdoor activities, it’s no wonder Costa Rican’s have one of the highest average lifespans. Living a healthy lifestyle in Costa Rica is easy.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your home country.  Our ebook explains where you can find local produce and what’s unique about grocery shopping in Costa Rica. Download Ebook

The Average year round Temperature in Costa Rica is 76.5 °F

Costa Rica is Paradise


  • How do I decide where to live in Costa Rica?

It is scientifically proven that connection to nature improves mood and overall mental health. Part of the Pura Vida life-style is that you are connected to nature, more so than in the U.S. This connection makes living in Costa Rica feel like a perpetual vacation in paradise.

There are many microclimates in Costa Rica, each bringing a unique nature experience. You’ve got hot tropical beaches, jungle, mountains and valleys, and places in between. 

There is a place that’s paradise for every one in Costa Rica. The trick is knowing which microclimate and region is your personal paradise.


Need Help Planning for a Move to Costa Rica?

In our FREE Ebook, Margo Ackerman discusses the nuts and bolts of moving. She may even address questions you didn’t know to ask.


  • Do I need to know Spanish to live in Costa Rica? 
  • Should I rent or buy a house in Costa Rica? 
  • Should I ship my car or buy a car in Costa Rica? 
  • How do I ship my belongings to Costa Rica? 
  • Should I ship household items like linens, dishes, or appliances? 
  • What should I not bother to ship to Costa Rica? 
  • Where is the best place to buy appliances or furniture in Costa Rica? 
  • Can I get a local bank account? What do I need to have to do so? 
  • Do I need to actually be a resident or can I just use a visa? 
  • What kind of health insurance is available?

And, more…

Costa Rica Takes Health Seriously

There is a socialized health care plan called the CAJA that all expats can take advantage of. There are also private health care facilities that are accredited and evaluated by the same organization that reviews American hospitals. In our ebook, Margo gives you the information you need to take care of your medical and dental healthcare.

  • Are the hospitals and doctors in Costa Rica good?
  • How much does medical insurance cost?
  • Do I have to participate in the CAJA system?
  • How does Costa Rica dental care compare?

And, much more.









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Live Like Royalty in Costa Rica

Since the recession of 2008, baby boomers have been wary about whether or not they can retire with enough money. The good news is that around half of them are on track. However, we all want to retire in luxury. What that luxurious lifestyle may involve depends on how far our money goes. Expats in Costa Rica can live like royalty with the following:

  • Hire a full or part-time maid or cook
  • Have a groundskeeper to protect the property and maintain landscaping
  • Have lush and exotic gardens (that you don’t have to tend yourself)
  • Have a large property with a large customized home
  • Host family and friends for vacations

Download Ebook 

Costa Rica Real Estate Differs From the U.S.

There are nuances to purchasing property in Costa Rica that don’t exist in the U.S. For example, anyone can claim to be a real estate agent as there are no licensing requirements, there is no MLS system and, the same property can be listed with different agents at the same time, for different prices. If you’d like to be informed of some of these strange nuances, sign up for our FREE Ebook.

  • Why do I need a good real estate agent?
  • Should I buy an existing house or buy land and build?
  • What is the difference in buying property in Costa Rica versus buying in the U.S.?
  • Why would I want to set up a corporation to “own” my house and/or car?


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